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Areas for young women to connect at Ebenezer


Velocity Student Ministries

At Velocity Student Ministries, we don't just do youth ministry - we redefine it!  Each week, students experience the word of God, as it comes to life in spectacular ways, challenging them to grow deeper in a relationship with Christ.  Using innovative media, compelling messages, and incredible activities, Velocity Student Ministries provides a youth experience that is exciting, memorable, and (above all) life-changing.  Join us every Monday night at 7:00pm, and experience Velocity Student Ministries for yourself!  [click the link below for more info on Velocity]

Girl's Ministries

Girls Ministries is an incredible ministry just for young ladies and teenage girls.  Each Wednesday night at 7:00pm, experience interactive lessons with teachers who truly care about you and your future.  The small-group classroom setting of the Girl's Ministries program, provides a great opportunity for girls to build relationships, have fun together, and experience an impactful lesson. [located in the upstairs portion of the Ebenezer Educational Building]

Women's Ministries

The Ebenezer Women's Ministries is more than just a "get together" for women and young ladies.  It's about building relationships with other Christian women, the encouragement and support seen in every smile, and it's an exciting way to experience God's word!  Join us quarterly for special Women's Ministries events, and other designated times for fellowship.  [location and times of events and meetings vary]

Velocity Student Ministries

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