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Areas for senior adults to connect at Ebenezer

The Rock-ers

The Rock-ers: Senior Adult Ministry

The Rock-ers is a ministry just for those who are "experienced at life".  This exciting ministry consists of delicious food, great fellowship, and (of course) lots of laughter!  Join us this month at Rock-ers, and experience the joys of this fantastic ministry.  [Rock-ers is held on Saturday mornings at 10:00am, however dates of meetings may vary]

Women's Ministries

The Ebenezer Women's Ministries is more than just a "get together" for women and young ladies.  It's about building relationships with other Christian women, the encouragement and support seen in every smile, and it's an exciting way to experience God's word!  Join us quarterly for special Women's Ministries events, and other designated times for fellowship.  [location and times of events and meetings vary]

Men's Ministries

The Ebenezer Men's Ministry is a place where men can gather, and share in great fellowship in a unique and incredible way.  This ministry is about more than just socializing for an hour - it's a ministry of action.  Show the world what it means to be a real Godly man, and join the Ebenezer Men's Ministries as we help the community through various projects, prepare meals for those in need, and as we strengthen each other through great devotions and amazing events.  [location and times of events and meetings vary]

Velocity Student Ministries

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