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Connecting people to a life in Christ.

At Ebenezer, we believe that relationships through connection is what builds the church.  We have been called to share God's word and His love to all people, proclaiming His greatness to this dark world.  No matter how young or how old, we believe we all have a part in God's great kingdom.  Find out what ministries you can take part in, and how you can connect with us at Ebenezer.


Children are the heart of Ebenezer.  Because of our passion to raise up a young and mighty generation of believers, we provide exciting ministries, that kids of all ages can benefit from.  From our playful Nursery, to our energetic Krest Kids Zone, there is something for all the little ones in your family.  [ages 0-11]


Here at Ebenezer, youth and outreach ministries is what we're all about.  There is a need, like never before, to reach today's generation for Christ.  Middle school and high school students from all across the Midlands are discovering how great our God is through the incredible ministries we offer each week.  Find out how you can connect with the ministries going on for the Ebenezer youth.  [ages12-19]


Building relationships is the core of our church.  In the Adult Ministries of Ebenezer, you will have an opportunity to find the ministry area for you, and connect with the people around you in an incredible way.  From the young adults, to the seniors, and everyone in between ... there's an exciting ministry for you!  Explore the many minstries we offer:  there's small group bible studies, week night ministries, and even health and nutrition programs!  Find your place, and plug in with Ebenezer.

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